QuiAri 90-Day Kickstart Challenge

What Is The 90-Day Kickstart Challenge?

QuiAri’s 90-Day Kickstart Challenge is the new #1 in health and wellness. Get ready to feel better than ever before with this premium lifestyle movement designed to help you reach your peak physical and mental performance. People from all over the globe are losing weight, boosting their energy levels, and achieving better overall health. Why has the Challenge become the leader in nutritional innovation so quickly? The answer is twofold - it’s simple and it works!

What are you waiting for? Set a goal of what you would like to accomplish, then commit to yourself and to the Challenge. With 2 simple steps and just 90 days, you’ll be on your way to looking and feeling your best!

What Do I Take?

What Do I Take?

The 90-Day Kickstart Challenge is fueled by powerful products taken in two simple steps at the start of the day so that within an hour after waking up you receive a jolt of synergistic ingredients, including:

  • 24 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Probiotics
  • Fiber
  • Greens
  • Maqui - the world’s new #1 superfruit
  • And….MaquiX®, our exclusive super-concentrated organic extract that boosts the natural power of the maqui berry up to 10 times

It's as simple as 1... 2... DONE!

Step 1: Enjoy a delicious QuiAri Shake (in chocolate or vanilla) first thing in the morning

Step 2: Take 1 to 2 QuiAri Energy tablets immediately after drinking the shake.

And that’s it! You’re now supercharged and ready to take on the day.

QuiAri Shake

QuiAri Shake
  • - Promotes weight loss
  • - Helps curb appetite
  • - Helps boost energy
  • - One month’s supply

QuiAri Energy

QuiAri Energy
  • - Helps boost energy
  • - Helps build endurance
  • - Promotes weight loss
  • - Helps curb appetite
  • - One month’s supply
Who Loves The 90-Day Kickstart Challenge?

Who Would Love The 90-Day Kickstart Challenge?

The 90-Day Kickstart Challenge is great for anybody and everybody no matter how in shape, out of shape, healthy or unhealthy someone might be. Everyone is loving their results! Soccer Moms, busy business professionals, nutritionists, personal trainers, doctors and healthcare professionals all around the world are not only loving how they look and feel, but they are also promoting it to their friends and family. So are you up for the Challenge? What are your goals? Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain energy, or just feel better overall, QuiAri is for you!


Does It Work?

The 90-Day Kickstart Challenge has caught on like wildfire and is gaining worldwide attention all over social media right now. Everyone that takes the Challenge loves the results, but don’t just take our word for it!

Real People. Real Results.

Adam Broker
Adam Broker, USA

I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life when I learned about QuiAri’s Kickstart Challenge. I figured - what do I have to lose? I got my answer – I’ve lost 100+ pounds and I’m still going, I’ve had the opportunity to lose weight, share my story, and then get Same Day Pay when I promote the Challenge. This is a dream come true.

Lauren & Joel York
Lauren and Joel York, USA

I was one of those people that took every nutritional supplement and tried every fad diet I could get my hands on. Nothing worked. Then, I was introduced to QuiAri by a co-worker. I started the 90-Day Kickstart Challenge and found that the Shake was delicious - no grit, no chalk – just pure heaven! The Energy gives me the boost I need to do more in the gym, work a full day, pick up the kids, and get dinner started. So far I’ve lost 37 pounds. I even inspired my husband to take the 90-Day Kickstart Challenge, and he’s lost 43 pounds! We’re both back at the top of our game and feeling GREAT!

Patti Sutherland
Patti Sutherland, USA

After sacrificing so much for others as a busy career mom and loving wife, I decided it was time to take care of me. My biggest challenge has always been my weight. I’ve tried many fad diets, but you know how that goes. The shakes are chalky, gritty, and they usually have 27 steps. QuiAri’s 90-Day Kickstart Challenge is different - it’s an easy 2-step process I can actually do. I gave it a try and WOW was I impressed! I'm down 40+ pounds, have more energy, and am more motivated than ever.

Raphael Uzomah
Raphael Uzomah, Nigeria

My name is Raphael Uzomah from Nigeria. I started my 90-Day Kickstart Challenge on October 1st, the very first day QuiAri opened for business. I couldn’t wait to try the products...and I wasn’t disappointed. The shakes were delicious! By November 15th, 45 days later, I went from 220 pounds to 205 pounds and I’ve lost even more since then. I’m so close now to reaching my goal weight of 189 pounds. I’m optimistic I’ll get there with QuiAri on my side!

Chef Yi-Fan Chu
Chef Yi-Fan Chu, Vietnam

I am 39 years old and have been working as a chef for over 16 years in Vietnam. As a chef, my hours are crazy, I work in the heat, and there's tons of pressure and stress. The last 2 years I've noticed that my energy is decreasing, and I can't work as much as I used to. Staying on top of my game is becoming more and more difficult. Then, I was introduced to QuiAri by a friend. When I started the 90-Day Kickstart Challenge, I remember my first sip of shake. It was too good to be true! So delicious! After the shake I felt full. I took the energy pill, and after 15-30 minutes, I felt fresh and focused. My productivity was way up. By my second week, I even noticed weight dropping off. My staff asked me how I was doing it, and I told them it was the Challenge. QuiAri helped me realize how important it is to take care of myself. I can feel the difference from my first sip until now. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

How Much Does It Cost?

How Much Does It Cost?

With product packages ranging from $125 to $500 USD, you’re sure to find one that meets your needs and goals. There are even packages for friends and family to start the challenge together!

Kickstart Combo Pack

$125 USD

The perfect choice for 1 person to start the Challenge and gives you enough product for 4 weeks.

Starter Pack

$250 USD

Looking to start the Challenge with a family member or friend? This gives you enough product for 2 people to take the Challenge together for 4 weeks.

Lifestyle Combo Pack

Save $45 USD!
$500 USD

This unbeatable deal is for those who want to take the Challenge and get paid to promote it. Get enough to complete the Challenge, PLUS an extra month of product samples AND a FREE bottle of QuiAri Energy.

How Can I Get My Products For Free?

Products Free Graphic

What’s even better than your results on the Challenge is that you can get your products for free. As a QuiAri Promoter or Customer, when you refer 2 Customers to take the Challenge, you will get your products for free each month. All you have to do is encourage your Customers to join the 90-Day Kickstart Challenge with you and sign up on AutoDelivery.

Will I Save Money?

Will I Save Money?

Absolutely! Many people are saving money each month while taking the Challenge simply by using the money they are already spending on items like coffee, fast food, energy drinks, and snacks. Customers and Promoters have been saving up to $30 a day!

Morning Coffee

$2-$3 USD



$4-$8 USD


Fast Food Lunch

$6-$12 USD


Afternoon Snacks

$1-$2 USD


Energy Drinks

$2-$3 USD



$16-$30 USD


How Can I Get Paid?

Simply promote the Challenge to Customers and find other Promoters that also want to earn Same Day Pay. That’s commissions paid within 5 minutes after every sale - an industry-first!

People get excited, start telling others, and your team begins to grow. It’s just like a social network, except this social network is made up of a lot of people taking and promoting the 90-Day Kickstart Challenge.


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