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The 90-Day Kickstart Challenge has become a global phenomenon for a reason – because it works! Many of our Customers love the Challenge so much, they choose to promote it as well. And as a Promoter, they get paid to share it with others by following these four simple steps.


Step 1: Enroll as a Promoter for FREE!

Promoting the 90-Day Kickstart Challenge is easy because we give you everything you need to build your business. You’ll get a personalized, self-replicating marketing website, Back Office, state-of-the-art mobile app, free marketing tour (COMING SOON), and more!


Step 2: Get Active & Qualified

Start building your Customer base immediately by sharing the Kickstart Challenge. You’re sure to find people who want to promote it with you. Once you personally sponsor 2 Promoters, you’ll be Qualified to earn Team Commissions. Be sure to stay Active by helping your personally sponsored Promoters generate a minimum of 50 Personal Sales Volume (PSV) each month.


Step 3: Get Your Products For FREE

Why pay for your Kickstart Challenge products when you can get them for free? All you have to do is encourage 2 Customers to join you on the 90-Day Kickstart Challenge and sign up for AutoDelivery.


Step 4: Grow Your Business

Build your team, boost sales, and earn commissions in 5 minutes with Same Day Pay by promoting the 90-Day Kickstart Challenge. Share your story and promote the Challenge with friends, family, and anyone you think wants to look and feel better to start earning today!


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